Tsakani Primary School

School Profile
Grades:Grade 0 - 5

The School was started in 1974 at entuthukweni to cater for the Xitsonga people, Which then was not catered for. In 1982 Tshivenda was introduced to accomodate anothe minodrity group which was also neglected then. The first Teacher was Mrs R. Ngatsane who was joined by Ms M.M Mashele Mrs A.T Murivhami joined the School as the first Venda Teacher.

School SubjectsExtra Curricula Activities
  1. Arts and Culture
  2. English
  3. Geography
  4. History
  5. IsiZulu
  6. Life Sciences
  7. Life Skills
  8. Mathematics (Pure)
  9. Mathematics (Literacy)
  10. Natural Sciences
  11. Physical Sciences
  12. Social Sciences
  1. Chess
  2. Debating
  3. Environmental Club
  4. Netball
  5. Soccer