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Thuthuzekani Youth Press Team

Thuthuzekani Youth Press Team hits the red carpet at SA Fashion Week

The iSchool Africa Youth Press Team at Thuthuzekani Primary School has won the Flora TV Award and had the opportunity to showcase their media skills by interviewing local celebrities at South Africa Fashion Week this year.   The iSchool Africa programme, which Shanduka Foundation has sponsored in six adopted primary schools, provides learners with the platform

Thuthuzekani Youth Press Team hits the red carpet at SA Fashion Week Read More »

Shanduka Foundation

Shanduka Foundation celebrates 10 years of creating positive change

Stephen Lebere, Executive Director of Adopt-a-School Foundation and Mark Frankel, CEO of Shanduka Black Umbrella’s toast to Shanduka Foundation on their 10 year anniversary.  Shanduka Foundation has invested over R167 million in education and small business development over the past 10 years, directly impacting on the lives of over 740 500 individuals.

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Building New Schools In KwaZulu-Natal

Building new schools in KwaZulu-Natal

Adopt-a-School Foundation is transforming three mud schools in KwaZulu-Natal as part of the Department of Basic Education’s Accelerated School Infrastructure Development Initiative.  Infrastructure is underway in two schools and the interventions for the third school are in design phase. This project began in May 2014 and the Foundation is currently building classrooms, two multimedia centres,

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Nurturing Young Leaders

Nurturing young leaders

“I have become the change I want to see in my school…” – Mandisa Marosha, learner from Boitlamo Secondary School While most matriculants are working hard to ensure they acquire the university entry mark, Mandisa Marosha, the secretary of the Learner Representative Council from Boitlamo Secondary School is helping fellow learners to improve their marks.

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A village raising children

Nkandla celebrates top performing learners at Bizimali High School On 15 March, Bizimali High School welcomed Zandile Mncandi-Mpanza, Mayor of Nkandla, Peggy Nkonyeni the KwaZulu-Natal MEC for education, nearby school principals, community members, learners, parents and educators to celebrate excellence in the school.  Top performing learners in mathematics, science and English were presented with certificates

A village raising children Read More »

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