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Adopt-a-School Foundation continues to go from strength to strength.

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Investing over R1 billion rand through the support of its donors and partners, benefitting over one million learners through various programmes of Whole School Development.

In 2001 Stella Nemkula (former Principal of Tshilidzi Primary School) reached out to one of her former pupils for help; the school desperately needed a fax machine. That pupil was Cyril Ramaphosa. Upon returning to his school, he found the school in a dilapidated state and the need being far greater than a fax machine. Realising the importance of active citizenship and corporate investment, Ramaohosa alongside Dr James Motlatsi, Donne Nicol and other concerned individuals; began planting the seed of Adopt-a-School Foundation.

Adopt-a-School believes that resources for learning are of the utmost importance, but so is the holistic upliftment of the school, its staff and the community that surrounds it. Since 2002, Adopt-a-School Foundation has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives; through the implementation of Whole School Development model. The model comprises of four pillars that focus on building of new schools and classrooms, skills and leadership development, provision of resources, social welfare the support to small businesses and the creation of almost ten thousand temporary jobs.

Within the schools, Adopt-a-School Foundation provides an all-encompassing sustainable growth through Whole School Development. Through leadership development programmes, and encouraging sound governance policies, the immediate changes within the schools are constantly witnessed by all involved. To assist the teachers, curriculum educator development programmes have been implemented, allowing for an expansion in knowledge, teaching methodologies and guidance regarding curricular, school safety and security protocols. This to ensure that teachers are able to not only achieve lesson requirements but also engage with their pupils while leading them through the journey of education.

Infrastructure development and upgrading of facilities ensure that spaces of safety and learning are available to our school communities, delivering pride from the Principal, the teachers, the staff, and every pupil at that school. With so many schools needing new classrooms, sports facilities, libraries, laboratories and ICT centres; it is easy to understand why morale at a school is lifted when these facilities are brought in, and children can explore all avenues of their educations. This upliftment ripples through the community. It starts with the community members who are employed and upskilled as construction workers of these facilities, with children getting excited about going to school, teachers can share their knowledge while educating the future of South Africa. As a result of this, parents know that their children are in the best possible place for them.

Additional support programmes have been and continue to be implemented, offering assistance to learners regarding mathematics, languages, science, social sciences, ICT, social welfare, and so much more. Learners are gaining educational ground and overcoming hurdles with the help of their teachers and elders. A safe and encouraging learning environment is not only important to education, but it is also a vital part of a child’s day-to-day personal development. Children who feel they can approach their education with an open mind also tend to thrive and excel, of which we aim for.

By re-evaluating and updating school curricula to suit the needs of the learners, schools are experiencing an increase in grades and attendance. Pupils with a positive approach to their education thrive and, in turn share their knowledge with their peers. In turn, children begin to impact their community at school and within their neighbourhood. This sense of belonging allows for positive growth and unlocking of potential.

When communities stand together and reach out to assist those in their reach, they don’t just change their own lives; they change the lives of those around them. This is the core driving force and the mission of Adopt-a-School and our benefactors. To date, the Foundation has invested over R1 billion rand through the support of its donors, benefitting over one million beneficiaries through various programmes of Whole School Development. This includes over 600 schools being adopted, over 1 200 000 learners reached, over 36 000 educators developed in leadership and curriculum delivery, 650 facilities constructed with over 13 000 temporary jobs created and 2 000 SMMEs benefitted and, 19 400 learners benefitting from health and sanitation programmes.

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