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Whole School Development

The Whole School Development model looks to incrementally address a myriad of issues over a period of time. These issues include:


  • strategic planning, leadership, management and governance,
  • educator development, including knowledge and implementation of curriculum,
  • school safety, security and discipline,
  • infrastructure,
  • learner support systems in mathematics, science, counselling etc.,
  • extra and co-curricular activities, and
  • social welfare of learners

For AAS, success lies in creating a long-term sustainable and governable school through the holistic implementation of Whole School Development. To the Foundation, the characteristics which a healthy school possess are:

  • Well-developed, accountable and supportive leadership with an established and clear vision and for the future of the school
  • Dedicated and committed educators.
  • Clean and well-maintained surroundings and facilities with all necessary resources.
  • Good relationships and coordinated interventions with different stakeholders.
  • Demonstrates improved learner performance and has an excellent pass rate (80% – 100%).
  • Safe, healthy and happy environment which promotes human dignity.
  • Dedicated, committed and accountable school community which promotes the long-term sustainability of the school.
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