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Welcome to Adopt-a-School Foundation

Healthy Schools, Healthy Champions

What we do

Adopt-a-School Foundation is a non-profit organisation that supports the creation and enhancement of a conducive learning and teaching environment in disadvantaged schools.

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Our Footprint

Adopt-a-School Foundation operates in all 9 provinces in South Africa, the Morifi Village in Lesotho and Mozambique.

In 2013, Adopt-a-School Foundation became the joint implementing partner for the KST for their District Whole School Development programme in the Free State Province. For more information on the work of the KST, please visit: www.kst.org.za

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Our Story

Cyril Ramaphosa, Chairman of the Adopt-a-School Foundation with Stella Nemukula, the former headmistress of Tshilidzi Primary and the original Fax Machine donated in 2001 that planted the seed for the Adopt-a-School Foundation.
Cyril Ramaphosa with Stella Nemukula

In 2001, Cyril Ramaphosa was approached by his former primary school, Tshilidzi Primary in Soweto, to assist with the donation of a fax machine. When he returned to his school to hand over the donation and saw the further needs of the school, the notion of the Adopt-a-School Foundation was born. In 2002, the Foundation was officially established by a group of concerned individuals including Cyril Ramaphosa and Dr James Motlatsi.

The Foundation strives to address the inequalities and inadequacies in our rural and disadvantaged schools, in order to ensure positive learning experiences which will lead to greater opportunities for South Africa’s youth.

Over the last 10 years, Adopt-a-School has inspired both businesses and individuals in the private sector to invest effectively in education in South Africa through our model of Whole School Development.

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Our Work

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to access quality education, regardless of the socio-economic conditions into which they are born.

Whole School Development is the model which underpins our work in rural and township schools. Focusing on long-term solutions, we believe that quality education is influenced by the academic, physical and social environments of a school.

Read more about our work here:

Our Work AAS
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your donations

Your Donations - What Your Money Can Buy

It would be incredible if you could consider supporting a learner, a grade or a school with a Donation.

R100 – R5000 Once Off
  • Solar study lam
  • A Cricket Bat
  • School Uniform
R5000 – R50000 Once Off
  • Vegetable garden
  • Eye Tests & Glasses
  • Library books, materials
R50000 – R250000 Once
  • Training programmes
  • Environmental club
  • Classroom
R250000 + Once Off
  • Feeding scheme kitchen
  • Library, PC's, science lab
  • Ablution facilities

Use SnapScan to Donate Once-Off

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About Us

Who we are

Adopt-a-School Foundation was born from a passion and a desire to be a positive force in changing the future of education in South Africa. From humble beginnings, the Foundation has grown exponentially. With hundreds of schools spanning the entire country, we are able to make a sustainable difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of learners, their families and their communities.



Our Partners

The work of Adopt-a-School Foundation is made possible through collaborative efforts between individuals, private organisations, school communities, public benefit organisations and government departments. We share the belief that education is a critical driver of social and economic change and is the best weapon at our disposal to eradicate poverty. On behalf of our schools, their learners and greater communities, thank you for walking this journey with us.

Adopt a Project

Get Involved with our Community Development Projects

Individuals, groups of individuals, a company, or groups of companies can fund specific projects in one or more schools.


If you are looking to make a short-term investment, or fund a specific area of work, let Adopt-a-School Foundation help to ensure your investment is sustainable. We will match you to a school or recommend a school project based on your own investment criteria and values. By collaborating with us and other partners, we can increase the impact we make in the schools we work in.


Read our menu of offerings to get a broader idea of our projects, or contact our Fundraising team to discuss your ideas in more detail.

Our News

Latest News

CEO Message

CEO Message

Welcome to our second newsletter for the year. We are thrilled to share with you our activities from the month

Back to School for Mandela Day at Fukama Primary School

Back to School for Mandela Day at

On 14 July 2023, 29 staff volunteers from African Bank kicked off the Back to School for Mandela Day initiative

School Leadership Advancement Programme for Ditsepu Secondary School

School Leadership Advancement Programme for Ditsepu Secondary

On the 21st to 23rd of April 2023, the Foundation hosted the School Leadership Advancement Programme for Ditsepu Secondary School

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