A case study from the Bodibe Village in North West

In 2009 the Adopt-a-School Foundation together with Lafarge Education Trust started working in all the schools in the Bodibe village in the North West Province. Through the Whole School Development approach, significant and, more importantly, sustainable improvements have been made, not only in the schools but in the community as a whole.

Key stakeholders include:

  • Adopt-a-School Foundation and Shanduka Foundation
  • Lafarge Education Trust and Lafarge South Africa.
  • The Bodibe community which includes: the royal family, the 11 school communities (learners, educators, parents, and school management).
  • North West Department of Education and relating district authorities.

Bodibe was a divided community, with a lack of distinct leadership which led to conflicts of power. The community was crippled by unemployment and poverty and there was a distinct mistrust of the motives of Lafarge and Adopt-a-School.

School Community Development

  • 60 members of school community trained on computer skills.
  • 11 principals and 1 circuit manager trained on Executive Leadership at Wits School of Education.
  • 32 Educators trained in Language and Literacy All schools trained on setting up environmental clubs Learner Development.
  • Dental Care Programme for over 840 Foundation Phase learners.
  • Grade 1 and 2 learners benefitted from Language and Literacy programmes and resources.
  • 8 primary schools benefitted from eye-sight testing clinics and 450 learners received.


  • 16 classrooms.
  • 3 ablution blocks.
  • 4 libraries built and equipped with books.
  • 4 computer centres built and equipped.
  • 2 computer centres upgraded and revamped.
  • 6 schools renovated.
  • 1 science lab built and equipped.
  • 1 administration block built.
  • 1 borehole and play plump installed.
  • spectacles.
  • HIV/Aids Awareness and Life Skills.


  • Effective soccer league (22 teams for boys and girls).
  • Provision of soccer kits and awards on an annual basis.
  • Expansion of sport codes with Netball.
  • 23 soccer coaches received level 1 coach training.


  • Motivational Talks, Career Guidance.
  • Donations: library books, indoor games, indigenous trees.
  • Lafarge Community awards which awarded 63 people (learners, educators and community members and 4 schools).
  • 600 temporary jobs created for local people.
  • 10 local SMMEs empowered and benefited from the project.
  • The building of a Grade R Facility, three science laboratories, a library and an administration block.
  • Language and Literacy Programmes for Grade 1 – 3 learners in all primary schools.
  • Strategic planning for all schools.
  • Library training, coaching and mentoring in four schools.
  • Science and Maths educator training.
  • Remedial training for learners in two schools.
  • Successful collaboration with a variety of other stakeholders has provided opportunities for further interventions.
  • Old Mutual: Contributed R50 000 for the visual support programme.
  • Dreamfields: School Soccer League.
  • Colgate: Dental Hygiene Project in 2011.
  • Avusa Partnership: Potential training on newspapers as a teaching and learning tool.
  • Biblionef: Donation of books.
  • Infinite Family: Mentorship and Coaching Programme for learners.
  • Bridge: Coaching and mentorship for principals.
  • Lafarge Community Trust: Annual Community Awards Programme.
  • Department of Health: Healthcare support.
  • Improved infrastructure.
  • Environmental awareness.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Security.
  • Improvement in attitude towards education.
  • Passionate leadership.
  • Punctuality and improved attendance and general discipline.
  • Participation in extra mural and sport activities.
  • Motivated teachers.
  • Boosted self esteem of learners.
  • Improved academic matric results (38% in 2008 to 96% in 2011).
  • Bodibe has become one of the top performing districts in the province.
  • SGB has renovated a block of classrooms at one school.
  • Parents volunteer in vegetable gardens in all 11 schools.
  • Afternoon and holiday classes for grade 11 and 12s.
  • Improved SMT tools and systems for teaching and learning.
  • Soccer committee to support sport.
  • SGB Forum to voice concerns and interests.
  • Improved school surroundings.
  • Peer to Peer Coaching.