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Adopt-a-School Foundation Matric Class of 2022

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The announcement of the National Senior Certificates (NSC) results are important for the Adopt-a-School Foundation. They are one of the key indicators on which we measure the success of Whole School Development. In spite of the ongoing and mounting challenges facing schools, the Adopt-a-School Foundation Matric Class of 2022 achieved a pass rate of 82%, a 2% improvement from the 80% achieved the previous year.

This result was impressive considering that the class of 2022 experienced two years of disruptions in teaching and learning due to COVID-19, when the majority of these learners were sitting cr Grades 10 and 11 in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Overall performance

The Foundation has celebrated consistent improvement over the past 12 years. Although the introduction of CAPS led to a slight decline in 2014, the Foundation worked slowly with the schools and gradually increased the pass rate.  In 2020, the impact of COVID-19 resulted in another decline; however, we are proud to have maintained the 80% pass rate.

Quality of Performance

WSD Quality of Matric Performance: University/Technikon and Higher Certificates: 2010-2022For the Foundation, measuring the quality of our passes is critical. We are proud of the performance of our schools in achieving an increase in their Bachelor and Higher Certificate Passes. 

The Foundation, through thorough monitoring and evaluation, to define school performance in three categories: Underperforming, Functional and Exceptional. Schools that are achieving between 0%-50% are regarded as underperforming schools, while schools that are reaching between 51% to 79% are regarded as functional schools and schools that are achieving between 80% and above are recognised as exceptional performing schools. The Foundation has been tracking the school categories to determine the impact of Whole School Development implementation in schools. 

We are delighted that the majority of our schools performed in the exceptional category improving from 42% of the schools in 2010 to 63% in 2022. Underperforming schools decreased from 16% at baseline in 2010 to 0 in 2022. There were no schools that underperformed and schools within the functional category decreased from 43% to 37. For the Foundation, the consistent increase in schools within the exceptional category indicates the sustainability of our performance. 

Success stories. 

We are proud of Ngwathe Secondary School, which achieved a 100% matric pass rate and was recognised as one of the top-performing schools in the province at the Free State Provincial Awards.  We are further proud of multiple learners that performed exceptionally well and were recognised as performers in their provinces and districts. 

Among these learners is Maishikoe Nchabeleng, from Glen Cowie Secondary School, who achieved a top Performer award in gateway subjects at the Limpopo Provincial Awards. Maishikoe will be studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, specialising in data sciences.

Olwakhe Xulu and Aphile Mdluli from Bizimali Secondary School attended the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Awards. Olwakhe scooped 5th position among its provincial Top Achievers and 100% Mathematics awards. Aphile Mdluli received 2nd position among top achievers in the province. 

Lefa Freddy Madia from Kgabareng Secondary School was recognised as one of the Top 100 Performing Learners at the Free State Provincial Awards. Lefa has been accepted to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town. The Foundation has facilitated a bursary for him through IDC. 

Malwandla Glen Mahaule from Makhosana Manzini Secondary School scooped a Top Performing Learner award in Physical Science and Mathematics at the Mpumalanga Provincial Awards. He achieved 100% in Physical Science and 94% in Mathematics. In total, Malwandla achieved eight distinctions. Mahaule has been accepted at Witwatersrand University to study medicine. 

Boikanyo Khoza from Modilati Secondary School achieved a Top Achiever Award in Physical Science and Mathematics at the Gauteng Provincial Awards. She achieved 100% in both subjects alongside five distinctions. Boikanyo has been accepted at Sefako Makgatho University to study medicine.

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