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Adopt-a-School’s Matric Class of 2019 achieved exceptional results

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We are proud of Adopt-a-School Foundation Matric Class of 2019 for their excellent results. These schools achieved a pass rate of 86%, an increase from 84 % in the previous year. These results are a tremendous contribution towards the National Matric pass rate of 81.3% achieved by the country.

We are also delighted to announce that one of South Africa’s 2019 National Top Achievers is Siyabonga Cele from Adopt-a-School Foundation’s Matric Class of 2019.  Cele attended IDC’s adopted school Bizimali High School, situated north of KwaZulu-Natal. Siyabonga is SA’s number one learner from the Quintile One Category. Cele achieved eight distinctions and has applied to study Actuarial Science at the University of the Witwatersrand. The Bizimali High School is one of three schools in KwaZulu-Natal funded by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

With the supports of various funders, the Foundation has assisted several high schools in scooping numerous accolades at the release of the 2019 matric results. This includes Lodirile Secondary School, which continues to be amongst the Foundation’s top-performing schools. Lodirile Secondary School has achieved between a 90 to 100% pass rate over three consecutive years and thus was awarded the Most Sustainable School Award at the Adopt-a-School Foundation’s School Awards 2019 hosted at the Back to School Party.

The results of the AAS Matric Class of 2019 are a triumph and a clear indication that the Foundation’s  Whole School Development model continues to produce excellent results. Amongst our tremendous achievements, we would like to applaud our Top 20 performing schools, which reached between the 90% to a 100% threshold and under-performing school achieving exceptional results as shared further below.

Top Performing schools

Name of school                                  %Achieved            Funder

1 Hlathikhulu High School                       100,00%             Cyril Ramaphosa F

2 Bokgoni Tec Secondary School            100,00%             AAS  Volkswagen S.A

3 Hoerskool Kharkhams                           100,00%             AAS (Lafarge)

4 Meriti Secondary School                         99,10%              Merafe Resources

5 Mthunzini High School                           98,20%              AAS(Lafarge)

6 Ngwathe Secondary School                     98,00%              IDC

7 Setswakgosing High School                    97,60%              IDC

8 George Khosa Sec School                       97,40%              AAS (MTN)

9 Ndukwenhle High School                        96,90%             Grindrod

10 Diepsloot Combined School                  96,70%             CRF

11 Ivory Park Secondary School                 96,20%            AAS (Deloitte)

12 Ezakheleni High School                         95,90%            AAS (Lafarge)

13 Hlahlindlela Sec school                          95,10%            Grindrod

14 Mmankala Tech High School                 94,90%            AAS (MTN)

15 Lodirile Secondary School                      94,40%           Adapt IT / Sasria

16 Bodibe Secondary School                       94,30%           AAS (Lafarge)

17 Molebatsi High School                            94,20%           AAS (MTN)

18 Iniwe Secondary School                          92,30%           CRF

19 Kwazamokuhle Sec School                     90,60%           IDC

20 Masijabule High School                          90,40%           AAS (Rentworks)


We would like to acknowledge and thank all our funders and partners who have supported the implementation of the Whole School Development programme at all our schools over the years. Whole School Development continues to focus on leadership development, social welfare, infrastructure development and curriculum development within our schools.  Our wonderful and important partnerships have made Whole School Development a reality, enabling a schooling environment that is conducive to excellence in teaching and learning.

Performance ratings in 2018/2019

The Foundation scales the schools into three categories to assess school performance year on year.  The three categories include underperforming, which is a  pass rate between 0 – 50%,   functional performance a pass rate between 51 – 79 % and exceptional performance with a pass rate between 80 – 100%.

In 2018,  3% of our schools were underperforming reaching below 50%, 36% of our schools performing functional between 51-79% and 61% of our schools producing exceptional performance from 80% to 100%. We are proud of all our schools and happy to report that in 2019 we have 0% underperforming schools. 81% of our schools are performing exceptionally at 80% to 100%, and 19% are at a level of functional performance.

Previously underperforming schools that have made significant improvements in their results

1. King Shaka High School, funded by Grindrod South Africa improved by 34.1% from 47% in 2018 to 81.1% in 2019.
2. Iniwe Secondary School funded by AAS enhanced its performance by 46.1 from 46, 2% in 2018 to 92, 3% in 2019.
3. Monwabisi High School funded by IDC improved by 27% from 44, 7% in 2018 to 71, 6% in 2019.

Quality of Performance

The quality of matric performance in our schools has been consistent with growth year on year.

Below are the top twelve schools that did well, reaching 80% and above for bachelor and diploma.

1. Hoer Skool Kharkhams funded by AAS (Lafarge) achieved 95.7%
2. Welabasha High School funded by IDC achieved 92.8%
3. Ngwathe Secondary School funded by IDC achieved 92.2%
4. Diepsloot Combined School funded by CRF achieved 87.9%
5. Ezakheleni High School funded by AAS (Lafarge) achieved 86.5%
6. Bodibe Secondary School funded by AAS (Lafarge) achieved 85.7%
7. Setswakgosing High School funded by IDC achieved 85.4%
8. Ndukwenhle High School funded by IDC achieved 84.4%
9. Modilati Secondary School funded by CRF achieved 84.3%
10. Ivory Park Secondary School funded by AAS (Deloitte) achieved 81.7%
11. Meriti Secondary School funded Merafe Resources achieved 80.2%
12. Kwazamokuhle Secondary School funded by Sasria achieved 80.1%

It is through your tremendous contribution and dedication towards education that has led to Whole School Development, achieving excellent results in the matric class of 2019 at adopted schools. The Foundation values your support and anticipates achieving even greater results in matric class 2020.

Thank You
“No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. An educated workforce is the foundation of every community and the future of every economy.” Brad Henry

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