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Chairperson, President Cyril Ramaphosa launches 3 whole new schools

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Chairperson of Adopt-a-School Foundation, President Cyril Ramaphosa launched three whole new schools in the Amajuba and Zululand Districts, KwaZulu-Natal. These schools were formerly mud schools and the Foundation was involved as an implementing agent of Whole School Development.

Adopt-a-School Foundation implemented its Whole School Development model in each of the three schools, with each of the three schools benefitting from various teacher development programmes, strategic planning and leadership development.

The project significantly impacted more than 600 learners and 20 educators. The Foundation’s community-centric building model led to the creation of close to 200 temporary job opportunities and the transfer of many construction skills to the local communities. This focus has had a positive influence on the community and their commitment to support and maintain their new schools. In the coming years, these schools will nurture the hope and aspirations of thousands young learners.

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