Child Protection Week 2018 Activities

While schools have been constructed as spaces in which children can learn in a safe, protected environment, this is unfortunately not the case in the majority of South African schools.  Children are, more often than not, reluctant to come forward to report circumstances of abuse.  I believe that it is the responsibility of every member of a community to take action against the ongoing abuse of women and children.  We need to understand that these incidences do not only affect the victim, but they influence the many social relationships within the community, such as those between children, parents and teachers, which, in turn, has a deep and lasting impact on social dynamics in society.

Bernice Maponyane Social Worker and Programme Manager, Adopt-a-School Foundation

Mamello High School

Addressing the importance of Child Protection Week, children’s rights and how to keep children safe in our communities.

Kwazamokuhle Secondary School

Raising awareness about domestic violence and the realities of child trafficking in Kwazamokuhle’s School Community in Hendrina, Mpumalanga.


We hosted empowerment workshops with parents and caregivers about keeping our children safe, in partnership with Thari and the Diepsloot Stakeholder Forum.

Listen to what our Thari Youth and Child Care Worker has to say about Child Protection in Diepsloot.