Adopt a Project

Individuals, groups of individuals, a company, or groups of companies can fund specific projects in one or more schools.

If you are looking to make a short-term investment, or fund a specific area of work, let Adopt-a-School Foundation help to ensure your investment is sustainable. We will match you to a school or recommend a school project based on your own investment criteria and values. By collaborating with us and other partners, we can increase the impact we make in the schools we work in.

Read our menu of offerings to get a broader idea of our projects, or contact our Fundraising team to discuss your ideas in more detail.

Make a Donation

Do you have something to contribute to the wellbeing and improved education of our learners?

What Your Money Can Buy

  • R100 – R5 000
  • Solar study lamp
  • A Cricket
  • School Uniform
  • R5 000 – R50 000
  • Vegetable garden
  • Eyesight testing clinics
    and spectacles
  • Library books, materials
  • R50 000 – R250 000
  • Training programmes
  • Environmental
  • Classroom
  • R250 000 +
  • Feeding scheme kitchen
  • Fully equipped library,
    computer or science lab
  • Ablution block

Start A Campaign

Pledge your birthday or other special milestones to Adopt-a-School Foundation! Ask your loved ones to make a donation, instead of gifts this year. Start your campaign by signing up as a fundraiser on our GivenGain Platform. We look forward to being in touch!

Tackling your bucket list by going on an adventure can be made even more meaningful by supporting Adopt-a-School Foundation. Add a little extra inspiration and get sponsored to take on your next challenge! Start your campaign by signing up as a fundraiser on our GivenGain Platform. We look forward to being in touch!

Collaborate with friends, family or colleagues to host a fundraising event or lend a hand in a fun and meaningful way. Do you know any folks that are keen to lend a hand or raise funds for a school project? Get in touch!

By applying for a MySchool card and nominating Adopt-a-School Foundation as a beneficiary, individuals can support the foundation without it costing a cent. Every time you swipe your card at any of the participating stores, a percentage of sales will be donated to the Adopt-a-School Foundation on your behalf. Individuals can have more than one beneficiary and every swipe makes a difference.

Download MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Supporter Card Application