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Learner and educator development in Mathematics, English, and Physical Science

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Adopt-a-School Foundation is facilitating a learner and educator development programme in Mathematics, English, and Physical Science for Grade 9 and Grade 12 students at Qhayiyelethu Secondary School in Kareedouw, Eastern Cape funded by Tirisano. The programme, which includes 225 learners and 8 educators, aims to improve both learners’ and educators’ knowledge of subject content as well as teaching and learning in the classrooms. A baseline assessment was carried out in order to establish a foundation for monitoring and assessing the programme’s progress and effectiveness during implementation and after completion. In addition, the school received teaching and learning resources such as tablets for learners, laptops, software, data, study materials, stationery, calculators, and teaching kits. The project goals aim to:

  • Promote active learning and to cultivate a positive attitude towards curriculum delivery.
  • Provide a supportive link between the learner, home, school, and community and increase the number of learners in Mathematics and Physical Sciences in the future, from the current numbers in Grade 12
  • Increase and maintain the quality of results in all the subjects
  • Increase eligibility to enroll for post matric courses in Mathematics and Sciences
  • Instill interest in Mathematics and Physical Sciences
  • Improve educators’ subject content knowledge and teaching methods by exposing them to differentiated methods and strategies that cater for all levels of learners maximizing on abilities to achieve better results
  • To provide exam study techniques and learning resources that enhance mastery of concepts
  • Sustain learner performance in the three subjects
  • To improve competency in English across the curriculum

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