New spectacles bring the classroom back into focus.

In March Adopt-a-School Foundation and Dr Dire Thomas, travelled to Lesotho to fit spectacles to 26 children from four schools in the Morifi Village, about four hours south of Maseru.

Children in this village have never had access to this type of medical care and without our intervention, may never have had the opportunity to visit an optometrist. The difference a pair of spectacles can make to a child’s schooling experience is immeasurable and is often taken for granted.

Some 662 learners had their eyes screened. During the screenings a number of different conditions were identified, including Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Anisometropia. These were rectified through the prescription of spectacles In addition to those that were provided with spectacles, four were provided with medication to address specific allergies. Dr Dire also trained four youth from the community in the fundamental techniques of vision screening and referral practices.

Once spectacles are fitted, Dr Dire educates the children, their parents and teachers on how to properly care for their glasses. After three months, he returns to see how the spectacles have helped the children and if any additional care is required.

This is part of a broader effort by Adopt-a-School to up skill school communities and promote sustainable development.

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