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Nurturing young leaders

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“I have become the change I want to see in my school…”
– Mandisa Marosha, learner from Boitlamo Secondary School

While most matriculants are working hard to ensure they acquire the university entry mark, Mandisa Marosha, the secretary of the Learner Representative Council from Boitlamo Secondary School is helping fellow learners to improve their marks.

Mandisa attended the KST retreat workshop on 14 February 2014 which helped her to realise that as an LRC member she has the ability to positively influence her peers.  “I have learnt the importance of team work” she says.  She explains how the retreat workshop changed how she conducts herself in her role as the LRC secretary. She has taken it upon herself to monitor some of the challenges they face such as the lack of commitment from the LRC members, the lack of communication between the team as well as the lack of motivation and discipline in their school.

She has found a new purpose in her role and uses the platform to motivate other learners to take education seriously as well as decrease the number of absenteeism and late coming in their school.

Mandisa is determined to contribute to an improved pass rate at her school by helping other learners with homework and assisting where they need help. Her goal for the last year in school is to ensure that a highernumber of girls in Boitlamo Secondary School pass matric and to decrease the number of teenage pregnancies in her school.

She plans to start a support group at her school which will help learners with the challenges they face outside of school and in turn affect their performance at school.

She says that she has seen a big change in her school since the retreat.  She explains how educators and the RCL team are communicating better than before and they are involved at parents meetings.

Mandisa wants to study medicine at the University of Witwatersrand next year. She is determined to take full advantage of what KST is offering her and help other learners to do the same.

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