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20 Year Celebration

This year marks our 20th years anniversary. We are celebrating 20 years of transforming education, and positively changing schools and lives in communities across South Africa. We celebrate 20 years of building an inclusive society through education. Through the implementation of our Whole School Development (WSD) model, we have developed schools in leadership, infrastructure, curriculum and social welfare.

Adopt-a-School Foundation 20 Year Journey

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The past 20 years have been quite a journey for us. We are thrilled with our impact over the years and our long-term, holistic model Whole School Development model has addressed some of the many challenges facing our school communities. Our model has continued to evolve over time; based on our learnings, our experience and best practices within the sector. We have been empowered by the relationships we have with our strategic partners, including the Department of Basic Education; with whom we continue to work within the delivery of our programmes in schools.  Further, our work would not be possible without the support, commitment and passion of our donors. Partnerships with donors have allowed us to enhance the delivery of Whole School Development. We worked with and continue to work with a range of companies across South Africa; together we are driven by the desire to create a dynamic, transformed and accessible schooling environments that produces capable global citizens to meet the developmental needs of our country. 

Help us celebrate our 20th anniversary by participating in either of the below campaigns.

Help us celebrate our 20th anniversary by participating in the below campaign

AAS 20-year celebration tribute messages from stakeholders

“Happy 20th Anniversary Adopt-a-School Foundation! I’m very proud of all the amazing accomplishments and achievements that the Foundation has made over this period in transforming the lives of many young people in South Africa. The story of Adopt-a-School is highly remarkable and inspiring. Over the years, the Foundation has continued to grow from strength to strength and its impact on its beneficiaries has been profound and long-lasting. It’s been a privilege to be part of the Foundation’s history and a pleasure to work with various teams on projects. I wish AAS Foundation the very best and many more years ahead as it continues on its journey of changing schools and changing lives.” Fungai Muteke, Research Analyst - Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation.
“In developing small businesses at Black Umbrellas, we see the difference quality education makes to the potential of a business owner to create a sustainable business which generates employment.  The Whole School Development model implemented by Adopt-a-School plays a vital role in assisting learners and schools who do not have access to adequate resources, inhibiting their ability to reach their true potential. I’m continually inspired by the Adopt-a-School team's passion and commitment, who continually strive to make a difference and their donors who make all of this possible.  Congratulations on 20 years of incredible impact and excited to see what the next 20 years will bring.” Mark Frankel, Chief Executive Officer – Black umbrellas
“Wow, 20 years of touching so many hearts and building a Legacy. In my five years with Adopt-a- School Foundation, I have experienced overwhelming heart-touching events. We have worked with like-minded corporate companies to impact schools, students, teachers and communities. I am proud to call myself an Adopt-a-School Foundation staff member, my hands have held many little hands at various Mandela day events and their imprints have stayed on my heart forever. Adopt-a-School Foundation is a great brand that will grow and impact many more schools. Congratulations Adopt-a-School Foundation on 20 years of touching Thousands of Hearts.” Lynn Ah shene, Executive Assistant- Adopt-a-School Foundation.
“Congratulations to AAS on its 20-year celebration. What a milestone! AAS is an excellent example of a business community coming together to get involved in the school community and give it tools to significantly raise its outcomes. Well done to the entire AAS community that has made this happen. That includes a host of contributors, including the board, funders, educators and all school officials, wonderful learners and parents, government partners, programme service providers and AAS staff. Over 1.4 million learners have benefitted from the work of AAS, which is quite remarkable!” Melanie Spencer, Chief Operations Officer - Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation.

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