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Buy One, Give One Campaign

An exciting partnership between Adopt-a-School Foundation and ChairClub to equip classrooms in schools across the country.

Join the movement and support the Buy One, Give One campaign by purchasing an office chair through ChairClub to afford seating solutions to learners in rural and urban areas of South Africa.

ChairClub, a Proudly South African and local South African chair manufacturer, partnered with the Foundation in a campaign to support disadvantaged schools in rural and urban communities with comfortable world-class school chairs. Throughout 2020, for every office chair sale (This applies to the ALLY, ARC, CHARLY, CAPITANO, FILO, POP and YUTU chairs in our range) ChairClub will donate a locally-manufactured school chair to an adopted school across the country.

We are proud to have ChairClub on board and are excited about the ‘Buy One, Give One’ Campaign. Over the last 18 years, we have mobilised the private sector to invest effectively in education. There are many avenues in which companies can support schools, of which this exciting campaign is one example.

Understanding the many challenges faced within the education sector in South Africa, particularly around cramped and under-resourced classrooms, the investment of school chairs will improve the often-difficult conditions of classrooms. The donation will have a great impact on the Foundation and the Department of Basic Education. Through the WSD model, the Foundation believes in holistic solutions to ensuring excellence in quality teaching in their schools. Through the construction of classrooms across the country, this partnership will assist the Department of Basic Education in the provision of school furniture.

ChairClub manufactures international award-winning chairs of highest global standards, right here in South Africa – creating jobs for South Africans, supporting the local economy, and playing an active role in skills development.

To participate in the campaign and for more information about the Buy One, Give One Campaign please visit ChairClub Now!

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