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Adopted Schools thriving in ICT – Coding and Robotics  

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To meet the changing world and job specs of the future, in 2021, the Foundation introduced coding and robotics as part of its ICT Programme implemented in schools across the country. The coding component of the programme focus on software, while robotics programmes cover both hardware and software. Coding is written instructions that a robot or computer program can read and execute. This is while the robotics component allows students to see their thinking in a real way as they go through trial and error until the task is accomplished and the robot’s motions are performed as instructed.

The coding and robotics programme was initially rolled out for the Desktop Support Technicians who now continue to work with the schools on coding and robotics as extracurriculars for grade 7, 8 and 9 learners.  Coding clubs that consist of 10 learners with a school have been formulated and competitions are being held. Some of the schools have also been competing at their cluster level. Since 2021 to date, the programme has benefitted 13 across the country through the support of the Industrial Development Corporation and Adapt IT.

Schools benefitted in the Western Cape:

• Parkview Primary School

• Atlantis Primary School

• Thandokhulu High School

Schools benefitted in the Eastern Cape:

• Mariazelli Mission School

• Nkonkwane Primary School

• Mzomhle Secondary School

School benefitted in Mpumalanga:

• Kwazamokuhle Secondary School

Schools benefitted in Gauteng:

• Nomnekane Primary School

• Zikhethele High School

• Moses Maren High School

• Lodirile Secondary School

School benefitted in KwaZulu-Natal:

• Hlahlindlela Secondary School

School that benefitted in North West:

• Modilati Secondary Schools

The Foundation is proud of Parkview Primary School, which has been winning 1st place at cluster competitions with other schools.

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