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Mohloli Secondary School receives 213 school chairs donation

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Adopt-a-School Foundation announced an exciting partnership with ChairClub, a proudly South African and local chair manufacturer, in May 2020. The campaign Buy One, Give One, committed that every chair sold from its office chair range, a school chair was donated to disadvantaged schools in rural and urban communities across the country.

On Friday, 08 April, Mohloli Secondary School in Sharpville received a donation of 213 school chairs. The school currently has an enrolment of 875 learners. This donation marks the fifth school to receive school chairs, bringing the total number of donated chairs to 751.

According to Mohloli Secondary School Principal, Nomhlolo Mavimbela, the school is thankful to Adopt-a-School Foundation and ChairClub for hearing their plea. The donation means a lot to the school and learners as the school has been experiencing a shortage of school chairs for some time now.

The school has been a beneficiary of Adopt-a-School Foundation since 2015, and has benefitted from multiple projects, such as infrastructure development, curriculum development and social welfare. The school and its community appreciates the Foundation’s efforts in making Mohloli Secondary School conducive for learning and teaching.

The Adopt-a-School Foundation turns 20 years this year. The Foundation celebrates 20 years of improving education delivery to South Africa’s marginalised communities. The Foundation’s success lies in partnering with like-minded organisations to meet the needs of 623 schools under its adoption programme across the country. The schools are transformed into centres of excellence by implementing its Whole School Development (WSD) Model. The model ensures that schools are equipped in leadership, infrastructure, and learning outcomes.

“The importance of school furniture is undeniably one of the factors that contribute to conducive learning in the classroom.” With many schools dealing with the effects of COVID-19, the donation provides relief to schools that are experiencing severe shortages of school furniture and ensures that schooling continues efficiently,” said Zelda Jacobs, Communications Manager at Adopt-a-School Foundation.

“I’m exceptionally proud to be part of the Buy One, Give One campaign. Being both a business person and a mother it feels so rewarding to be part of this collaboration with Adopt-a-School. There is nothing better in this world than being able to give back to society. Education right now is the pinnacle of every required need for every child in this country and without education, this beautiful country of ours cannot grow,” said Jade Kietzmann, Sales Administrator from ChaircCub.

To be able to make sure we can give something back, no matter how small, to ensure that all the children can grow and learn, and can become better for themselves and their families and for South Africa. The youth of today will be our leaders of tomorrow.”

Adopt-a-School Foundation and ChairClub encourage businesses to support this initiative by purchasing office chairs to provide much-needed chairs to learners in rural and urban areas of South Africa throughout 2022.

For more information on how to support this initiative, please visit our Chairclub Page to view their awesome collection and get involved!

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