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Moral Regeneration Camp

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From March 20th  – 22nd, the Social Welfare Department held a three-day Moral Regeneration Camp funded by Merafe Resources for learners from Meriti and Boitekong Secondary Schools in the Northwest. The camp aimed to promote moral values and ethics among young learners, providing guidance and support to help them become responsible and productive members of society. 

Nestled in the serene Rustenburg Kloof, a picturesque resort boasting natural beauty and tranquil surroundings, a group of eager learners from Boitekong and Meriti Secondary Schools gathered for a transformative experience. The camp aimed to imbue grade 9-11 learners with strong leadership skills that would enable them to take charge and create a positive and healthy learning environment free from violence, bullying, and vandalism. Against the backdrop of breathtaking vistas and amidst the gentle rustling of leaves, the students could engage in various activities designed to foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. It was a perfect setting for them to learn and grow into confident leaders ready to make a difference in their schools and communities.

On the first day of the leadership program, the learners arrived with great excitement and enthusiasm. They checked in at their designated rooms with their assigned chaperones, who ensured they settled comfortably. The day’s activities focused on instilling leadership qualities in the learners, including cooperation, better communication, and listening skills. 

The second day of the programme was packed with various thought-provoking activities and in-depth discussions, and the day started with a thorough review of peer learning and self-directed learning tools. This session likely provided learners with practical strategies to take responsibility for their knowledge and work collaboratively with their peers to achieve their educational goals. The review was likely informative and interactive, allowing learners to engage with the content and ask questions to clarify their understanding. Additionally, the discussion on gender-based violence and masculinity issues was likely a deep and sensitive exploration of complex topics. The facilitators created a safe space for learners to share their thoughts, experiences, and concerns. 

The aim was to raise awareness on  the prevalence and impact of gender-based violence, as well as the role that masculinity norms play in perpetuating it. The discussion encouraged learners to think critically about their attitudes and behaviours and to consider how they can contribute to creating a safer and more equitable society. 

The sharing of stories to demystify myths around Satanism was a fascinating and enlightening experience for learners. The facilitators used storytelling to challenge preconceived notions and promote understanding and acceptance. 

The session encouraged learners to think critically about their beliefs’ sources and consider the impact of misinformation and stereotypes. Finally, the informal bonfire at the end of the day was a relaxed and reflective space for learners to debrief and process the day’s activities. The learners were encouraged to think about what they had learned, what they needed to unlearn, and what they hoped to re-learn when they returned to their schools. The bonfire was a great way for learners to connect, share their thoughts and feelings, and build community. Overall, the second day of the camp was a rich and engaging learning experience for learners. 

The third day was short, with goodbyes and tears. The facilitators created a safe and supportive environment for learners to explore complex topics and reflect on their learning and growth. 

The camp exceeded its aim of providing learners with the tools and insights they need to become informed, engaged, and responsible members of society.

The learners were actively engaged in various exercises and discussions to help them understand the importance of becoming influential leaders. After the session, they understood what it takes to be a leader with integrity and were inspired to apply these qualities in their lives. The session particularly motivated Orabile Ekalafeng, a grade 10 learner at Meriti Secondary School. He plans to return to his school and inspire and motivate his fellow learners to be dedicated to their education for a better future. His parents will undoubtedly be proud of his commitment and determination to succeed.

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