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School Leadership Advancement Programme for Raluswielo Secondary School

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Huawei funded a School Leadership Advancement Programme for Raluswielo Secondary School in Sibasa, Limpopo Province, from March 20th to 22nd, 2024. 

The Foundation initiated the programme to help awaken the leadership potential of all members within the school and prepare them to address the nine focus areas of school functionality collectively. The leadership course is accredited by the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) on National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 4, which aims to rekindle the leadership potential of every member within the school. The school team also completes a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), assessed, moderated, and uploaded to SETA’s platform, providing the attendees with accreditation. Additionally, the Foundation assists the team in developing an action plan followed by thorough engagements regarding the implementation of it.

The three-day training session was an undeniable success, as it drew a diverse group of participants from various levels of the educational system. On the second and third days, representatives from the district office were in attendance, offering their support and expertise to the educators, school management teams, and school governing bodies. 

Witnessing the participants’ positive attitudes and readiness for change was heartening. They were all eager to take on the challenges and opportunities ahead. The training was comprehensive and practical, providing valuable insights and strategies to benefit attendees in their future endeavours. Overall, it was a fantastic display of collaboration and dedication to improving the educational system.

The circuit manager, Mr TA Tshivhase’s commitment to supporting the project significantly boosts the team’s morale. His involvement in the course, as demonstrated by his attendance at the workshop on the first day, clearly indicated his dedication to the workshop’s goals and objectives. With the circuit manager’s continued support, the team can be confident in their ability to overcome any challenges that may arise and achieve a successful outcome.

The School Leadership Advancement Training enhances school effectiveness and leadership. Educators receive training and insights into the role of leadership within a work context, while School Management Teams and School Governing Bodies are empowered to create a leading culture. 

The training also provides a platform to reflect and help educators develop action plans to address their school’s current situation. The development of a clear vision and mission for the school was prioritised, focusing on taking actions that help achieve these goals. Development plans would be utilised to promote a well-run school. A culture of effective teaching and learning was introduced to help sustain projects implemented at the school. 

Creating a respectful team will foster improved morale among educators, and action plans for school development will be formulated for five years to ensure sustainable progress towards the school’s vision and mission.

According to MR VT Mudzwari, the Foundation’s involvement in the school has been a game-changer. The school has received invaluable guidance and support in improving its leadership and management. Through the training, the school has identified areas for improvement and implemented effective strategies. 

“The school’s dedication to providing quality education has been unwavering, and they have eagerly taken up the challenge of applying the skills acquired from the training and action plans. With a renewed sense of purpose and direction, the school is poised for continued growth and success in the future.” Zibusiso Ntini, Programme Manager, Adopt-a-School Foundation.

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