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School Leadership Advancement Programme for Ditsepu Secondary School

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On the 21st to 23rd of April 2023, the Foundation hosted the School Leadership Advancement Programme for Ditsepu Secondary School at the Ranch Hotel in Polokwane, funded by Stanlib. The Leadership Advancement Programme is the first step in the implementation of Whole School Development. It involves a programme that seeks to empower the School Governing Body, School Management Team and educators with leadership, business and interpersonal skills necessary to lead a school effectively. The School Leadership Advancement Programme is an ETDP SETA-accredited and SACE-endorsed course worth 12 points at NQF Level 4.

Conducted in-house by the Curriculum Delivery Team with the Monitoring and Evaluation team alongside the Programmes Administrator, the Programme focuses on improving teamwork through building a unified vision and reinforcing goal-driven strategic plans and accountability for schools. The Programme benefitted 14 educators from the school, a Circuit Manager and Cluster Leader from the Department of Basic Education. The delegates were enthusiastic, participated well and completed their formative assessment in class. The school is committed to ensuring positive change in leadership and management based on the knowledge and skills acquired from the workshop.

Additional highlights of this workshop were the Kaizer Chiefs team being at Ranch Hotel in Polokwane at the time of this training. Our team introduced them to the school and are currently supporting the school.     

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